UB Technology
UB Security Camera
The mailbox of the future
2 in 1

Provides a secure location for all your mail and parcels.


Small Parcels:

  • Lift N Drop– top chute design for easy and seamless parcel drop.
  • SSCC barcode– Provide delivery Information via push notification.

Large Parcels:

  • One button push for easy access via Bluetooth connection.
  • Large parcel compartment to accommodate large parcels
  • Up to 32kg/m3 and can hold a dead weight of 40kg.

Send, collect and return parcels from home at any time.

  • Do all your online shopping and returns from home at anytime.
  • Receive SMS text notification once your parcels arrive or collected.
  • Grant access to your family and friends. Perfect for dropping off and picking up day to day items.

Ample space to fit cases of wine and parcels.


Dimensions & Capacity:

  • External Size: L 456 x W 368 x H 1000 mm
  • Internal dimensions: L 450 x W 365 x H 770 mm
  • Maximum Internal Cubic Allowance: 32kg/m3.
  • Maximum Hold weight: 40kg dead weight.

Plenty of space, easily hold boxes of wines and other parcels.


Weatherproof and UV resistant. Sloping roof design for water run-off. Ventilated sides and back to dissipate heat in hot weather.

  • Internal LED light.
  • Specifically designed for Australian weather conditions & weatherproof.
  • Body constructed from powder coated solid steel.
  • Adjustable legs for mounting on uneven surface.
  • Compliant with Australian standards for residential Mailbox.
Control at your fingertips

Receive SMS notification once your delivery arrives or collected.

Share access

Grant access to family & friends. Perfect for dropping off and picking up day to day items.

Shipping Platform

Sending and returning at home with cost-effective shipping rates.


Text and voice messaging via UB messenger any time at any place.

Peace of Mind
Energy saving

Solar power and wired option available.

High resolution

Captures HD 1080p images.


Motion detection technology.


See recorded images on your UBOX APP at any time, anywhere.

To be UBOXer


$ 0.00 per month

  • Gain shared access to family & friends UBOX.
  • Discounted Shipping Rates.
  • Receive deals & offers from UB partners.
  • No priority access to special promotions.

Advanced UBOXer

$ 9.00 per month *

  • Free UBOX Delivery
  • 12 Months UBOX access
  • Share your UBOX access to family & friends.
  • Discounted Shipping Rates.
  • Receive exclusive deals & offers from UB partners.
  • Priority access to special promotions.
*: The prices shown on our website are exclusive of GST
What Our UBOXers Say

“UBOX is pure bliss. It’s fantastic for online shopping fanatics like myself! I love how you can track your orders on the APP and receive notification each time my parcel is delivered. Now I can return any orders online by simply placing it back into UBOX.”

— Jennifer, Sydney

“It is a life saver! One time my daughter forgot her house keys. All I had to do was to leave a set of keys in our UBOX. Also, the DIY installation is so simple. Even I can do this by myself.”

— Amanda, Melbourne

“The UB motion sensor camera is a great bonus. I can’t believe it only costs $9.00 per month. This costs less than two cups of coffee a week!”

— David, Melbourne

“I can provide secure access to my families and friends. My girlfriend loved the surprise I left in UBOX when I was out for business trip.”

— Benjamin, Sydney
Video Interviews
UB Business

Is your business tired of futile deliveries and re-deliveries?
UBOX is the answer.

  • Safe drop, first attempt every time.
  • Collect whilst customer is not home.
  • Reduction in re-deliveries via customer request.
  • Reduce operational cost and overheads.
  • Increase first attempt delivery success rate.

Flooded with customer complaints about delayed deliveries or returns?
UBOX is the answer.

  • Hassle free returns from the comfort of the customers home.
  • Competitive pricing and speed of services to suit business needs via our shipping platform.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention to drive Sales Revenue.

We offer an open platform for businesses to integrate via API with your shopping cart. We offer a powerful multi-carrier Platform free to all businesses.


We offer an open platform for businesses to integrate via API with your shopping cart. We offer a powerful multi-carrier Platform free to all businesses.